Jimmy Tian– Corporate Training Specialist

Business management sounds like a dry subject but a lot goes into it and there are many facets to consider when trying to build the best team imaginable. That’s where I come in. My name is Jimmy Tian and I have been providing innovative techniques for business training for five years now. My experience is much richer than that of five years, however, as I’ve been both a store manager for major corporations and a business owner. I understand what it means to plan, train, budget and inspire employees to hit both personal and sales goals. During my career I even wrote a book on the topic, titled Within Reach, talking all about obtaining what many employers and corporate leaders feel is impossible. I can assure you, whatever your goals are, they’re not unreachable, you just need the right tools, a bit of fun, and creative thinking.

This website is dedicated to the late Art James, whose presence inspired me to do what I do today. His enthusiasm was contagious and he did so much for entertainment in many different settings.

Currently, I reside in Beverly Hills, California. I love it here. I’m very passionate about fitness and love to go on day hikes with my wife and kids. I also spend as much time as possible at the beach. Really, I’m just an easy going guy with a passion for business transformation and entertainment. If you’re curious about my book or have any questions at all, you can email me at jimmytian77@myself.com.