Business Training and Corporate Entertainment

The two go hand in hand if you’re looking for success with your next training event. How many years will the same routine provide a lasting effect? With each event that is being planned, a large part should be dedicated to booking appropriate activities and artists for corporate entertainment, while maintaining guest intrigue. We all know why these seminars take place. The goal is to inspire, encourage and go over what was done well and what needs improvement. Often, with large corporations, each year there will be one major trip that brings together all of the top dogs in the company and each year, many of these gatherings turn out to be the same as the last. It’s easy to do what is familiar. Maybe you’ve had great success with past events but if you want to see continual growth within your business, adding a touch of fun is the way to go. Create an experience that will stick and ensure that your employees attention remains engaged.

Biggest Mistakes

It’s true that many innovations and events fall flat and it’s due to a number of reasons. Like previously stated, keeping things the same is probably the biggest factor of them all. Putting together large social events takes a lot of time and a deep understanding of guest dynamic. Sure, if you’re the CEO, you expect your employees to attend and participate happily but if you really want to wow them you need to understand that everyone is different. Putting on long lectures, showing graphs and talking numbers for two days is enough to make anyone fall asleep. To turn your corporate event around, show trust in your people and take this special time, when everyone is together, to be unique. Another big mistake companies often make is poor budget planning. You can trim event costs by paying close attention to all the features you’re wanting to include, like: audio/visual and lighting, fees and food. You can still put on an useful show with captivating entertainment if you already have a clear idea of where you’d like the majority of the money to go. You might even consider partnering with a sponsor.

Making It Fun

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, any event can be a good time! In between the long hours spent presenting and lecturing, try making it so your employees have something to do that will keep them active. If you’re staying near water, rent inner tubes for them to float the river during one afternoon. Book musicians, artists or comedians to entertain during breaks. Offer prizes to those that can answer questions correctly and on the last night of the whole gig, throw a dinner party. Sprinkling the fun throughout the event will make it seem like there never was a dull moment. Creating time for the hard working individuals to mingle will also strengthen the core of your business by encouraging communication and friendship. At the end of it all, you’ll know you’ve hit the nail on the head if your team has left smiling and laughing.

Corporate events and seminars should always be uplifting, inspiring and fun. With proper budget and an understanding of your employees needs, this time could dramatically improve all aspects of your company. Bolster attendance in the future by creating positive memories. Remember, it’s not about how much money you spend but how much heart you put in it.